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Earn $10 free purchase credits

How do referrals work?

Copy and share your referral URL with your friends and social contacts.

When they sign-up for a styling session with a valid and complete style-quiz and payment information,  you will receive $10 concierge purchase credits added to your balance.

What is my referral link?

You get a referral link as soon as your sign-up with Gracyfy. It can be found in your account details.

When you login, your link will show up here as well.


When and what can I use the credit for?

The free referral credit that you earn can be applied towards your styling fees as well as your concierge purchases. At checkout, you will be able to use the credit points for purchase of your items along with your payment method on file.

No matter what brand we style you with, there are no exceptions.

Is there a limit of referrals?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send along. However, only referrals that actually sign-up, and go through a styling cycle qualify. This is to stop bad actors from spamming the system.

What is the validity of referral credits?

Purchase credits can not be transferred or en-cashed. The credits will remain valid for 365 days.

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Influencer Perks

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